Forced evictions: The devastating plight of IDPs in Banadir Region

Mustafe Hassan scours through the remains of his destroyed shelter after an eviction. He is an internally displaced person from  Bilkheir site in Daynille district where other 211 families were forcefully evicted. Before the eviction, the IDPs had stayed in Bilkheir site for 8 years, and had an oral land tenure agreement of 10 years. They were provided with a two-week eviction notice to leave the area by a private land owner. This, according to Mustafe, was not enough:

Dialogue Sessions – the new panacea to social cohesion, peace building & HLP issues

Somalia has experienced almost constant conflict since the collapse of its central government in 1991. It is experiencing both unabated armed conflict and worsening climatic shocks across different regions, a dangerous combination that has prompted populations to flee and this has resulted in massive displacements within Somalia. There is an estimated 2.6 million IDPs who have self-settled in over 2,000 sprawling settlements\sites in urban and peri-urban areas across the country.