CASH FOR WORK: Building Resilience & Strengthening Sustenance.

Murjaan Aweys sits uncomfortably across from us in a small shop, reclining on a chair and sipping carefully spiced ginger tea, one swig after another. The ray from the sunlight was flickering through the holes from his metal-wrought shop. His calm mien was occasionally disrupted by the loud sounds of his hammering of tin cans, straightening them to be deftly used with wire mesh to make mouse/rat traps. Murjaan, an internally displaced person from Rabi Suge site in Kaxda district, is earning a living selling mouse/rat traps made from the tin cans and wire mesh.

Livelihood Support – Cash for Work

For Abdi Daud, 39, father of five, August is the best month in 2019. This is the month he joined other men and women from his community to work in their camp for a cash for work program, and so, according to him, “this is the month where I did not worry about food for my family”. “Before I was a laborer and would wake up every morning with my tools and look for any work in the market. I would get back home at night and just wait to do the same thing the following day”.