Camp Coordination & Camp Management (CCCM)

Project Description

NoFYL works to support internally displaced persons (IDPs) through a wide range of interventions and activities, among those, Camp Coordination and Camp management (CCCM). Through CCCM, NoFYL aims to improve the quality of life, safety, and dignity of displaced people, ensuring the best possible and propitious protection and assistance environments.

NoFYL acknowledges and seeks to complement, not supplement, existing community structures, lending expertise and building capacity as necessary. Ultimately, NoFYL interventions will be designed by building/strengthening existing governance structures with a handover/exit in mind, especially where internal displacement is likely to remain protracted.

We have reached 4203 Households in 8 IDP settlements with a total target beneficiary of 19218 in Deynille and Kaxda Districts.


(A) Community led Site Maintenance Activities

In an effort to improve the living conditions and safety in IDP settlements, NoFYL engaged with the camp residents through site improvement and maintenance activities. This includes:

  1. Conditional Cash for Work

This is a temporary employment given to the most vulnerable crisis-affected populations. NoFYL with funding from Somalia Humanitarian Fund (SHF) implemented the program in 8 centers in Kaxda and Deynille Districts. A total number of 200 beneficiaries were targeted (120 women and 80 men). The beneficiaries were selected in accordance with the result of the need assessment and their vulnerability.


2. Hygiene

NoFYL promoted healthy environment via community led site maintenance. Before the site maintenance activities, the situation in the camp looked grim and wanting. Piles of refuse lay recklessly and in disdain hindering movements and accessibility in the camps. The camp residents involved in the program dug open grounds and buried the waste, at times burning them. After the site maintenance activities, the camps were clean and healthy much to the sheer delight of the camp residents.


(B) Settlement Planning Training

NoFYL is promoting equitable access to services and protection for displaced persons in informal settlements by strengthening Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM) systems through participatory stakeholder engagement in Kaxda and Deynille Districts. A total number of 120 participants were reached out of the targeted 210 participants. This will greatly benefit boys and girls, men and women. New arrivals have also been settled.


(C) Service Mapping

Service mapping will help find out the existing resources/infrastructures in the targeted settlements to identify gaps and inform responses in Kaxda and Deynille Districts, which will be shared with CCCM cluster and will be useful in creating master list, which will be posted online and used by different humanitarian partners for data collection to their responses analysis. Through this, it will be easy for all stakeholders to plan their activities related to particular settlement.

In total, 4 mapping exercise will be conducted in Kaxda and Deynille districts to evaluate the existing capacity of resources.


(D) Safety Audit

NoFYL outreach workers will coordinate with Community Committees to implement safety audit that examine aspects pertaining to protection and safeguarding, to ensure the safety of IDPs. Safety Audits will be implemented in locations where newly displaced IDPs settle, where  they have not yet been implemented

Results will be shared with clusters, including but not limited to protection cluster, for appropriate action





Project Details

February 8th, 2015


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