Mogadishu GBV Coordination

Project Description

NoFYL is the currently coordinating efforts to develop a multi-sectoral inter agency GBV prevention and response strategy between 32 agencies in Mogadishu. In its capacity, NoFYL acts as the focal point for information exchange between the agencies involved, spearhead efforts to strengthen the capacity of government authorities and other civil societies working on GBV and coordinates joint implementation initiatives among agencies. These initiatives are aimed at building synergies among agencies and promoting efficient utilization of resources by avoiding duplication of efforts. So far The SGBV working Group has established a joint SGBV strategy and conducted an SGBV baseline in Mogadishu. NoFYL played a key in both the development of the strategy and the carrying out of the baseline.

2015 Key Milestone;

1- Development of GBVWG Strategic plan, 5 years.

2- Drafting of the Mogadishu GBVWG contingency planning.

3- GBV/Child protection Service Mapping

4- Revision of the GBV/CP Standard operating procedures

5- Development of Mogadishu GBV referral pathways.

6- Improved GBV prevention and response multi-sector coordination.


Project Details

GBV Coordination
February 8th, 2015

Project Skills

  • Coordination
  • GBV


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