NoFYL programs aims at improving the living standards of the pastoral community.
NoFYL will pursue these strategies through implementation of community-based multi-sectoral integrated development programs. The basis for this approach is influenced by three factors:
Previous funding and implementation of NoFYL activities have been sector specific. By mobilizing its resources along sectoral lines.
NoFYL plans and budget are prepared along the respective sectors, thus making them easy to understand and report, especially by the project staff and the partner communities.
During implementation, the organization will be seeking collaboration with various line ministries. This approach will be ideal to help NoFYL identify and cooperate with the respective line ministries to the relevant sector.
NoFYL develops programs that are geared at empowering the local communities in Somalia and Kenya to become self-sufficient and improve their livelihoods in general. NoFYL makes deliberate efforts to link its goals to the MDGs and therefore applies Gender, HIV/AIDS and
Environment mainstreaming in all its activities. Our strategic focus areas include: Education,Health & Nutrition, Water Sanitation Hygiene (WASH), emergency relief and other Livelihood support, and Peace and Governance.
NoFYL maintains internal financial control systems and strict monitoring and evaluation processes, including established yardsticks for evaluating the effectiveness, impact, relevance,sustainability and efficiency of all interventions. Mid-term and final project evaluations are
routinely carried out with the participation of all stakeholders. These evaluations have led to greater accountability and have improved the overall performance of the organization.

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