NoFYL is committed to reduction of poverty and all its vices especially- ignorance, illiteracy, diseases and dehumanising/harmful cultural practices, and gender based violence to pave way for a dignified and empowered community across the Horn of Africa.


NoFYL exists to support the most vulnerable members of the community, specifically women, destitute children and poor households in Northern Frontier district of Kenya and Horn Region at large and to build the capacity, knowledge and ability to take control of their lives.

NoFYL pursues this mission through:

  • Implementation of integrated sustainable development projects that are community managed, with special concern for poor women and destitute children.
  • Emergency response to women and children afflicted by natural and man-made disasters.
  • Advocacy for change of unjust socio-economic and political structures that affect the communities it works with.
  • Information sharing and awareness creation on the rights of women and the girl child.
  • Support to gender based violence survivors.

Core Values

NoFYL will continue to uphold solidarity with the poor and marginalized especially youth, women and the girl child. It will also continue to intensify its commitment to freedom of poor women and orphaned girl child from the bonds of poverty, discrimination and social injustices. This implies that respect for human rights, gender sensitivity, respect for religious norms, integrity, wilful and voluntary participation of community in its programmes forms the core values of NoFYL.


Northern Frontier Youth League (NoFYL) programs aims at improving the living standards of the pastoral community. NoFYL will pursue these strategies through implementation of community-based multi-sectoral integrated development programs. The basis for this approach is influenced by three factors:

  • Previous funding and implementation of NoFYL activities have been sector specific. By mobilizing its resources along sectoral lines.
  • NoFYL plans and budget are prepared along the respective sectors, thus making them easy to understand and report, especially by the project staff and the partner communities.

During implementation, the organization will be seeking collaboration with various Government of Kenya (GoK) line ministries and Somalia regional government and local authorities. This approach will be ideal to help NoFYL identify and cooperate with the respective government and line ministries to the relevant sector.

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