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Our History

Northern Front Youth League (NoFYL) is an indigenous local NGO based in Kenya and Somalia.  NoFYL was founded in 2005 as a welfare society by local Somali pastoral youth and women who were committed to improving the living standards and the level of decision making of their fellow pastoral Youth and women.

The organization is registered both in Kenya and Somalia, in Kenya it’s registered under the NGO co-ordination ACT of 1990 in January 2014 as Northern Frontier Youth League (NoFYL) Reg No OP.218/ 051/ 951/ 850. The organization particularly targets youth, women and children, the most vulnerable members of the society; it addresses issues of Education,  water and sanitation, campaigns and advocacy, women empowerment through civic education, emergencies interventions and protection programmes. It works with the pastoral communities at large to identify core problems.

NoFYL aims to build confidence, raise self-esteem and empower the community we work with to participate fully in their own affair and decision making to facilitate community based projects. This is aimed to exploit the natural and human resources available in the region whist sustaining and improving the environment for the benefit of the habitants and their livestock. The organization aims to bring together the local community with their expertise and experience and the development agencies with their resource to confront ignorance, diseases, poor livestock husbandry, environmental degradation and the resultant poverty and backwardness.

NoFYL forms the basis for youth networking with other civil society organization both at the Local and international level to create a resource centre and a forum for discussion; exchange ideas on problems affecting the youth community. While also Integrate the existing projects for improvement on proper healthcare and the living standards towards self-employment opportunities and initiate food self-sufficiency strategies and funding.

NoFYL has a strategic focus on protection, education & health, and aims to improve the living standards and the level of decision making among marginalised communities across Kenya and Somalia. NoFYL is the currently coordinating efforts to develop a multi-sectoral inter agency GBV prevention and response strategy between 42 agencies in Mogadishu.

In its capacity as Mogadishu GBV WG Co-chair, NoFYL act as the focal point for information exchange between the agencies involved, spearheads efforts to strengthen the capacity of government authorities and other civil societies working on GBV and coordinates joint implementation initiatives among agencies. These initiatives are aimed at building synergies among agencies and promoting efficient utilization of resources by avoiding duplication of efforts. So far The SGBV working Group has established a joint SGBV strategy and conducted an SGBV baseline in Mogadishu. NoFYL also spearheaded a joint mapping exercise on SGBV/child protection service providers in Banaadir Region.

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