About Us

The Begining...

NoFYL was founded in 2005 as a welfare society by local Somali pastoral youth and women who were committed to improving the living standards and the level of decision making of their fellow pastoral Youth and women.

We particularly target youth, women and children, the most vulnerable members of the society; we address issues of Education, water and sanitation, campaigns and advocacy, women empowerment through civic education, emergencies interventions and protection programmes. We also work with communities at large to identify core problems.

We form the basis for youth networking with other civil society organization both at the Local and international level to create a resource centre and a forum for discussion; exchange ideas on problems affecting the youth community. While also Integrate the existing projects for improvement on proper healthcare and the living standards towards self-employment opportunities and initiate food self-sufficiency strategies and funding.

Our Vision

We are committed to reduction of poverty and all its vices especially- ignorance, illiteracy, diseases and dehumanising/harmful cultural practices, and gender based violence to pave way for a dignified and empowered community across the Horn of Africa.

  • Implementation of integrated sustainable development projects that are community managed, with special concern for poor women and destitute children.
  • Emergency response to women and children afflicted by natural and man-made disasters.
  • Advocacy for change of unjust socio-economic and political structures that affect the communities it works with.
  • Information sharing and awareness creation on the rights of women and the girl child.
  • Support to gender based violence survivors.

Our Team